Sex Worker Programs

RGN Toys is for the decriminalization and support of sex workers throughout the world. As such, we have a number of programs to support our customer who engage in sex work - from full service sex workers, through to performers, companions, D/s service providers or any other form of sex work - both full and part time. 

Discount Code - RGN Toys has a coupon code exclusively for the use of sex workers. This discounts a percentage off your purchase. Please contact us via twitter using your sex-worker linked twitter account so that we can pass along that code. If you do not have a sex-worker linked twitter account, you can always use our Contact Us page. 


Wish Lists - Prefer someone else do the buying? RGN Toys Direct has a Wishlist feature that allows 3rd parties to purchase products and send them directly to your PO box or business address. If you've found a product that you want, click the blue "Add to Wishlist" button on the item page. Once you've added all the items that you're hoping for, click My Wishlist in the top banner of the page. There, you can see, share, and edit your wishlist. 


Paid Content Submissions - RGN Toys Direct is looking for writers for paid guest posts, with sex workers getting front-of-line access. Specifically, we're looking for content on sex toys and other pleasure products on a very basic / introductory level. Some ideas include how-to guides, compare and contrast pieces, short stories and toy reviews. Details for the submission process can be found here