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We've all seen them - those strangely clear, shower curtain smelling dildos that you usually find at your mall's "novelty" store or from your bestie who has got themselves wrapped up in a MLM sex toy retail scheme. While there have been dozens of well-written articles on why those jelly sex toys are the equivalent of vagina poison, we'd like to tackle a slightly different topic today - why some folx gravitate to jelly dildos and what can be used as an alternative. (Oh, and those vagina poison pieces? We've got them gathered up in a handy link list below.) 

I need a really long double ended dildo. We know that super long dildos make a great image - especially for folks who like to show off their deep throat skills or abilities to take a lot of length in the butt. And that dildos that long are hard to find in materials that aren't jelly - but they do exist! We're in the process of sourcing some ourselves, but for now, check out this silicone option from our pals at She Vibe. 

I need a cheap dildo. A lot of folx reach for jelly dildos because their price tag is so low. That's part of the reason Kenton from Funkit Toys created the NoFrillDo line - a set of basic silicone dildos, with standard (and some not-so-standard) shapes, at a low price point. These affordable dildos are now making appearances in many cam shows, and was even spotted on the MFC floor at the 2019 AVN show! 

I need a dildo with some give - something squishy. Jelly is squishy, and some performers prefer that, especially for longer or back-to-back shows. There's this false belief that silicone comes in one firmness only, and that's not the case. A lot of small makers - like X and Y - will give you the "shore number" of the silicone they are working with. This is the scale used to discuss the firmness of the silicone. With dildos, a Shore 00 level of 30 (sometimes written as 0030) is considered on the extreme end of the soft sale and most resemble the density of jelly. Your average dildo lands around the Shore A 20 (20A) mark. Some dildos makers produce super firm dildos up into the Shore A 50 (50A) range. 

Image courtesy of Shore On - leading silicone supplier in the US. 

Jelly's all you can get on Amazon. Amazon wish lists are super easy to set up for performers, and is convenient because they've got everything under the sun - not just pleasure products and lingerie like your standard sex toy shop. And yes, there are a gazillion jelly dildos from all corners of the globe listed for sale on Amazon. But - if you do dig around, you will find body safe sex toys on Amazon that do not include those jelly monstrosities. Our guide, Can You Safely Buy Sex Toys on Amazon, can give you the basics for adding body safe sex toys to your Amazon wish list. 


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