How To Get Creative With Dildos

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Two of the most recurring comments I get from friends who have less dildos than me are ‘why do you have so many?’ and ‘what do you do with them all?’ When I’ve finished answering their questions a common response is ‘wow! I never knew you could do so much with a dildo!’ If you’ve ever wondered if you’re missing out on dildo fun then do not despair. This blog post is for you.

‘Surely You Don’t Mean Me?’

I absolutely do! Dildos do not judge based on gender or sexuality and neither should you. Whether you are penis enabled or vulva enabled you potentially have body parts that will enjoy stimulation from a dildo. If you don’t enjoy dildo stimulation having tried it, stick with me because you might find something new to try or perhaps you might one day meet a partner who can benefit from these ideas.

‘You’ve Got a Dildo Made of What?’

Silicone. Glass. Metal. Wood. Stone. All very valid materials for a dildo. Not everyone will take to all of them, but whatever dildo you choose to use please make sure it is body safe and free from any nasties that might make your experience less pleasant.

‘Isn’t Glass A Little Chilly.’

People always wince at the idea of how cool a glass dildo might be against a nice warm vulva or anus and they’d be right. It doesn’t have to be a chilly experience though. Dildos made of glass are particularly wonderful for temperature play. Pop one into the fridge to make it cooler, use a warm cup of water to heat one up and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous have a hot and cold one available at the same time, an experience I think everyone should have at least once. Warning: Do not go too extreme with either temperature. Frostbite and burns are no fun in intimate areas.

‘Your StrapOn Likes Blowjobs?’

Yes! Well more specifically I enjoy watching as my strapon receives a blowjob. I also enjoy giving it a nice sexy handjob while my partner watches. He wants it, I have it but he’s not getting it just yet. It is a wonderful way to add a little bit of tease into your particular relationship. If you get one with a suction base you can also attach it to walls/headboards etc and instruct a willing partner to show you their best fellatio skills, or indeed indulge yourself.

‘But Aren’t StrapOns Just For Pegging?’

I have worn my strapon far more times than I have ever used it for pegging. I love wearing it. It makes me feel sexy and ready for action. Even if you are in a relationship where your partner does not want you to use a strapon on them, I still think owning one and wearing one can be great fun. I sometimes wear mine during masturbation and it can be really fun to give it some sexy hand action while the rest of me enjoys some seductive vibrations courtesy of a favored vibrator.

That’s how I get creative with dildos. Now it’s your turn to try.


This is a guest post from Floss, a Kink, Fetish and BDSM blogger and podcaster focusing on positive encouragement to explore those things safely and authentically. Floss is also a keen erotica writer and product reviewer and a queer non-monogamous switch living by the seaside in the U.K.

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