Crystal Delights Detachable Faux Pony Tail Butt Plugs

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Seriously – other than the typical anal training kits, the next most requested item for RGN Toys are the pony tail butt plugs from Crystal Delights. Previously, the wicked folks at CD sent over one of their most popular items – the Crystal Delights Detachable Faux Pony Tail Butt Plugs. With these goodies just hitting the stores now, I thought it best to let my readers know about this anal-training friendly toy!

Previously, all the other Crystal Delights tails had fixed bases – as in the tail was actually embedded into the glass butt plug. With this updated version, the tail itself is separate from the glass butt plug. You see, in the base of the borosilicate glass butt plug is a screw fitting, and at the base of the tail is the screw. Simply line them up and twist, and you’ve got your single pony tail plug. So what makes this better? First, it’s a whole lot easier to clean up. Removing the tail allows you to clean the glass butt plug as you would with any of your other anal play toys. There’s no worry about getting the tail wet.

But even better – Crystal Delights will be selling the Crystal Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tails separate from the plug itself. This means you can start your own collection of pony tail plugs without needing to purchase multiple plugs. Mix and match your favorite plug to your favorite tail or have a bunch of tails to use with a single plug.

If for some reason you’ve never checked out these tail plugs before, you really need to. First, they are great for beginner’s anal play folks. The glass butt plug itself is small enough to be comfortable for newly trained wearers. The gentle slope and flared base help you keep control a lot easier than other style plugs. The borosilicate glass is cleaned with basic soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The tail itself is made from the same material as high quality wigs, and should only be spot washed if soiled. (I tend to use baby wipes to clean the tails on my pony play buttplugs.)

The tails come in a number of colors, including two rainbow style, more natural hair colors, as well as a number of fantasy colors for those who love their ‘My Little Pony’ style tail plugs.

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