Bullet Vibrators 101 - Producing Power In A Super Small Size

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CW: firearms references for compariative purposes

Welcome to Sex Toys 101. Today we’re taking a look down the barrel at bullet vibrators, to explore what they are, how they work and if a bullet vibe is a good fit for you.

What are bullet vibrators?
Bullet vibrators are small, external vibrators. Most bullet vibrators have a traditional “bullet” shape with a pointed tip. Some have rounded ends whereas others are flat and angled like a lipstick. Most bullets are controlled with a single button at the base of the toy. Others have remote controls that may be attached to the toy or wireless. The majority of bullet vibrators are battery-operated, but many rechargeable models are available.

What are they used for?
Bullet vibrators are used to provide direct, pinpointed stimulation to erogenous zones. They can be used on any external body part, such as the nipples, clitoris, labia, testicles, perineum or penis. Bullet vibrators are generally not used for penetrative play and they are not safe for anal play. Bullets are great for use during foreplay to wake up nerve endings and titillate your partner. Their small size makes them ideal for use during sex to provide extra oomph to help you reach orgasm.

They are also wonderful for masturbation, particularly if you know you prefer pinpoint vibrations. As bullets are small and lightweight, they make ideal travel toys. They can easily be slipped into a pocket, a purse or overnight bag. They’re one of the most discreet toys around, and are easy to hide if you live with nosy housemates or children.

Another common use for bullet vibes is as a wearable vibrator. Simply slide the bullet into the gusset of your underwear and position it to that it’s aligned with the spot you want to stimulate. Then you can switch it on and go about your business. Most bullets are extremely quiet, so nobody will know that you’re wearing one. Bullets are also regularly used in BDSM and bondage play. They are easy to slip between ropes or restraints and they’re ideal for running over a blindfolded  partner’s body during sensation play.

Who can use them?
Most people can use a bullet vibrator. Bullets are most suited for people who like precise stimulation as the pointed shape allows you to really zero in on the spot that needs attention. Bullets are also fantastic if you want a toy that’s portable and discreet. A bullet vibe might be the ticket if you’re looking to spice up your sex life, as their versatility gives you permission to be creative in how you work them into your playtime. 

A bullet vibrator might not be for you if you’re into anal play, as they are not safe for this purpose. Bullet vibrators may also pose a problem if you have hand or wrist issues that prevent you from gripping small objects.

In Summary...
Bullet vibrators are compact, unobtrusive and offer a variety of ways to play. They’re perfect if you want a discreet toy that will give you pinpoint accuracy and portability.


This is a guest post from Vanessa of Nessbow.com.  Vanessa is a self-confessed Aussie sex geek who is passionate about adult sex education, kink and reviewing pleasure products.  To read more of Vanessa's work, you can visit her blog at http://www.nessbow.com

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